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In Spain there are about 30.000 radio amateurs and more than 300 associations.

With these authorized bands and frequencies.

To become radio amateur in this country you need the following:

  1. HAREC certificate: you can get it by an examination.

  2. Radioamateur Authorization: that give you a callsign and allow to operate any radioamateur station (friends', radio club, etc.). You can apply for it after passing the examination. Or being the holder of a HAREC certificate (Recommendation CEPT T/R 61-02). Either existing a Reciprocity Agreement with the country of origin. This Authorization has the consideration of CEPT Licence and, in its turn, is valid to operate temporary in any adhered country.

  3. Station Licence: to legalize your own radioamateur station you must present a descriptive memory of antenna installation and equipment you want to use.
These are the regulations that apply to radioamateurs in Spain.
CB 30 aniversario
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