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À la dernière mode des concours raccourcis, mais tout en conservant la philosophie originale du diplôme du même nom, consacré aux "Radio Clubs du Monde", cet événement sera pour le 20 novembre, avec une durée de seulement 4 heures mais un esprit plus compétitif.

Des prix originaux et amusants attendent les gagnants, aussi bien d'une bonne occasion de contacter ces radioclubs manquant pour compléter le Diplôme EANET.

Concours EANET Sprint 2011 - Diplôme Radio Clubs du Monde

Comme un hommage à toutes les associations et les Radio Clubs du Monde, des éléments clé pour le maintien de l'esprit de la radio amateur, la Fédération Digitale EA (FEDI-EA), avec le soutien de l'Organisation Européenne des Radio­amateurs (EURAO), créé en 2008 le Diplôme EANET, internationale et permanente.

Maintenant vient compléter le prix avec une activité spécifique, amusant et divertissant, non sans un certain degré de compétitivité, nécessaire pour maintenir la capacité à fonctionner dans des circonstances défavorables.

Règlement du Concours

  1. Participants: Can participate in EANET® Sprint Contest any radio amateur and radio club who desire, with no discrimination of nationality nor association membership.

  2. Purpose: To contact as many stations as possible, around the world, participating in this Contest.

  3. Bands and modes: Any frequency and mode authorized for amateur service, including satellites.

  4. Period: Valid contacts are those done from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC of November the 20th of 2011.

  5. Categories: Two main categories of participants will be established: radio amateurs and radio clubs, according to if the holder of the callsign is an individual or an association.

    In its turn, these categories could be divided in two subcategories: National and International, depending on if the participant's station is in Spain or another country.

    In the case of radio clubs, besides, also two subcategories will be considered: members and friends, depending on their relationship with FEDI-EA and/or EURAO.

  6. Punctuation: Each contact done, and confirmed, will have a value in points depending on the kind of correspondent:

    • member radio club: 5 points
    • friend radio club: 3 points
    • radio amateur: 1 point.

    Only ONE contact between a participant and another specific one will be considered, so repetitions are worth zero additional points.

    For both, radio amateurs and radio clubs, only the amount of points received will be taken into account, ie the QSOs actually confirmed by the correspondents lists.

    As multipliers, the number of different contacted countries and continents will be used, the final score will be the outcome of the formula:

    Points x Countries x Continents.

    In order to encode the location of each station, standard ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 is taken into consideration for the country and one of the following abbreviations for the continent: AF, AN, AS, EU, NA, OC or SA. Or what is the same, the hierarchical address of the closest packet radio BBS.

  7. Call: "CQ EANET".

  8. Lists: To validate contacts, participants should send their log in Cabrillo or ADIF format to: eanet-sprint@fediea.org, within one month of the contest.

    The subject must contain: "EANET Sprint log of XXXXXX", where XXXXXX is the callsign used during the contest. The attached log file should be named "XXXXXX.log" or "XXXXXX.adi", replacing, if applicable, any "/" (bar) with "-" (dash).

    The body of the message will show: full name or corporate name, category in which it participates (radio amateur/radio club), preferred language.

  9. Prizes: For the first, second and third finishers in each category there will be the following packs of incentive:

    1. Weekend Hotel
    2. Restaurant
    3. Welfare or Adventure (spa, rafting, ...)

    All the stations with at least 25% of the scoring champion in its category will get Certificate of participation.

  10. Registrations: Sending lists of participation shall be deemed registration for this Contest, assuming full acceptance of its conditions.

  11. Unforeseen: Any circumstance not covered in these rules shall be settled by the Organization of the Contest and its decision is final.

Explanatory notes

  • Unlike the EANET Award, this Contest is not based on eQSL for contact verification, but on the lists received from the participants themselves.
  • Note that, for the consideration of country, DXCC is not taken into account, but the geo-political definition of a territory in accordance with standard ISO 3166.
  • Do not forget to express log time in UTC. Otherwise, the software may consider some contacts invalid.
  • Alternatively, those who can not provide their log in ADIF or Cabrillo format, may do so using this Excel spreadsheet. Special attention must be given to the time field that should be 4 numbers but formatted as text.
  • Those associations that have not club station callsign assigned, but wish to participate in radio club category, may do so with a temporary callsign authorized by their PTT. The Organization reserves the right to request copies of relevant documents for verification.

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